Comprehensive IT Security

Protect Your Information Technology Systems From Unexpected Threats.

Comprehensive IT Security

Outsourced CIO Services

Make Your Technology a Strategic Asset for Your Business With the Right Guidance from the Right Experts.


Cloud Strategies

Leverage the Power of Cloud Technology to Save Costs and Go Mobile.


IT Consulting Services

Align Your Technology With Your Business Needs.


Help Desk IT Support & Services

Are you sick of tech support that wastes your money and your time?


IT Services In Dallas/Fort Worth

It’s time to make IT simple. How? All it takes is the right planning.


Managed IT Services

How do you look at your technology? Is it a tool you use to get the job done? Maybe it’s a necessary evil that frustrates you every day, but you have no choice but to use?

Or is it something your business can count on to return dividends in time saved and operations streamlined?

Paragon IT says it should ALWAYS be the last one. You should be able to rely on your IT to be a major part of your business, aligned with your overall business goals. How can you make that happen? By turning to the team at Paragon for IT Leadership to ensure you have a unique IT strategy designed specifically for your business.

Backups & Business Continuity

Trust in the team at Paragon for Backups and Business Continuity Planning to keep IT safe. Prepare for any disaster the future might hold for your business by using the right technology to stay operational when you need to most.

Cloud Consulting

What does the cloud actually mean for your business?

That’s the real question when it comes to any kind of technology. It doesn’t matter how cool or interesting it is – you just need to know if it will do the job.

Trust in the team at Paragon for Cloud Consulting to help you leverage the right cloud technologies for your needs. Get your questions about the cloud answered and find out how you can make the cloud work for you.

Security Consulting and Risk Assessments

A lot of business owners think IT security means putting an anti-virus program and maybe a firewall in place, and then calling it a day. That’s a sure-fire way to leave yourself vulnerable to someone turning your IT against you.

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